A long-time success story still going strong! I adopted Holly in 2007. She was born in a feral colony and was isolated from other cats as she had coughing spells (she has bronchitis and needs shots 3-4 times a years). The staff kept her in a cat carrier on their desks to try to socialize her. She had a brother who refused to be socialized at all, and he was returned back to his colony after being neutered. She had been there many months before I adopted her as she was extremely shy and frightened, but I could see she had it in her to become a loving friend. She's now 12 years old, getting a little slower but wakes up every day happy. I live on a waterway so she goes out on the deck periodically, lays in the sun to warm her bones, and watches the birds. SF SPCA staff put so much work, time, and energy into socializing her, and I want them to know it was completely worth it, because she is absolutely loving life!