Waverly (formerly Maroochy)

I adopted Waverly (formerly Maroochy) from your wonderful shelter. She is the greatest cat I have ever had. She is the first pet I've had on my own, and I was so nervous about being responsible for an animal all by myself. I can't remember why I was nervous now, because all I can think about is how amazing Waverly is. She truly has changed my life. Every day when I come home, she pokes her head around the corner and runs down the stairs to greet me. She loves chin scratches and watching Friends with me, and she sits on my lap when I read. She comes when I call her name and knows how to fetch (everyone always says she's exactly like a dog), and she has taught me all I need to know about unconditional love. When I adopted her I was worried that her FHV and blindness in one eye would cause her to be unhappy or uncomfortable, but she is the happiest cat I have ever seen. Thank you for helping me meet my best friend; there's no cat I'd rather spend my life with.