Jaws (formerly Hyphae) and Blackberry (formerly Lark)

Blackberry is the black one, and Jaws is the grey tabby. The first time we went to the shelter we knew we wanted two cats. My brothers saw a grey tabby (formerly Hyphae) in the front window and asked to see him. Since our family has six people we had to split up. When it was my group's turn we went in and saw he had loads of energy! My brothers definitely wanted him, but I was a little hesitant because I wanted more of a love bug cat. My parents decided to get Hyphae. Our volunteer led us to another group of kittens. They were cute but I didn't really bond with any. About a week later I picked out a kitten named Lark who was only 2 months old. She was the silliest kitty; she would crawl under my legs and sit on my shoulder. We adopted Lark (now Blackberry), and that was one of the best choices I've ever made. She is my best friend and so is her brother Jaws, who can be a love bug but still has a lot of energy. Thank you SF SPCA!