Juno (formerly Twinkle)

In February 2013, I was casually and half-heartedly browsing the SF SPCA website when I came across Twinkle. She looked scared and small, and something about her made me want to get in my car and immediately drive over. I texted my fiancé (then boyfriend), "What if I got a dog today?" I didn't wait for his answer. I asked to see her—she was skinny, scared, and prone to biting. They said she had been found as a stray, so they didn't know too much about her, but said she had needed 17 teeth pulled and still needed to be spayed. She cowered when I stood too close and didn't like to be touched on her back. Her tail had been broken and then had fused back together slightly crooked. Needless to say, this little, 4-pound dog had been through a lot. It was like I was moving on autopilot. I went through the motions of filling out the paperwork, getting her license, asking questions about diet. They said she was anxious and had a pheromone collar around her neck, but gave me some anxiety pills I could give her if needed. I remember thinking about my own experience with an anxiety disorder and how appropriate that I was getting an anxious dog. Four years later, I can say with confidence that adopting Juno was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Juno doesn't need her pheromone collar anymore, and I haven't experienced a single panic attack since she came home with me. She's still wary of strangers and other dogs, but she and I have built up a very deep level of trust that I would never have thought possible. Walks around the block have a happy tail, now, not one that's tucked between her legs. Thank you to the SF SPCA for everything that you do and for the lives (canine and human alike) that you change.