We adopted Henry in September 2015—he had come from another shelter and was only at the SF SPCA for about 10 days before we found him. We had been looking for a smaller dog that would get along with our alpha dude, Butch Cassidy, and were not having luck with a lot of the dogs that we "tested out" in a conference room at the Mission Campus. We were going to give up when they told us that there was one more submissive, small dog who was just coming back from a walk. I won't say that Butch and Henry hit it off right away, but they didn't hate each other either. We thought, "Good enough," and took him home. Henry is now such a perfect part of our little pack that we can't remember what it was like without him. He is the easiest dog: he was already mostly housebroken and has no diet/tummy issues (unlike Butch), he doesn't bark much (unlike Butch), and he is the chilliest, calmest dog ever—just content to snuggle on a lap or couch or Butch's dog bed. Henry loves going to the dog park and "protecting" Butch from the big dogs, and he loves going to the beach (but only if it’s sunny). And did I mention snuggling? He makes this very strange purring noise when he is about to get a treat or food and will not rest until he is in the closest lap. Don't tell Butch, but many of my friends who love Butch have admitted that they are "Team Henry." My husband and I were not Chihuahua fans (or small dog fans in general) before meeting Henry, but he has won us over 100%. Henry inspired me so much, I now volunteer at the Mission Campus and in the LRC. Thank you SF SPCA for giving us this tiny, snuggly lovebug and a companion for Butch to run around the house with and lay on the couch. Big thank you to the person who helped us assess Butch's compatibility with the various dogs we met.